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**** This position is equity only until funds can be raised***

Exciting opportunity to join the Leadership Team of a potential unicorn!

Fun1st was founded in 2017 by a group of educatiors who realized technological solutions can solve many K-12 challenges. In 2020 we used personal funds for the build, launch, and early operation of the Fun1st digial school store. We launched our web based application in September 2021 accesssible to all schools and students. We are currently in our first accelerator at GSD labs, and gearing up to raise our Seed Round.

We are looking to bring on a Tech Lead in parallel with our Seed Round, to round out our preliminary leadership team and to increase our development. For your first 12-18 months this will very much be a fingers-on-keyboards role as the lead developer. As technical lead you will help build our inital team, but over the long-term we expect this role to evolve into a more traditional technical management role.

Fun1st will be fully remote for the foreseeable future, with some periodic offsite gathering.

Important Note: This position will start in an Independent Contractor capacity with compensation exclusively in equity, and convert to a salaried role upon closure of the Seed Round.

What We Need:

  • Full-Stack Developer with 7+ years’ experience in each of the following:
  • React JS/Typescript
  • .Net 5.0/C# 9
  • Azure or AWS
  • Mobile Gaming Apps
  • Game Development
  • Management, ideally with both onshore and offshore resources -The ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences in both written and verbal form

Additional Pluses:

  • Professional experience in any-to-all of the following would be helpful:
  • Startups
  • Social Networks
  • Ed-Tech Industry
  • Willingness and eagerness to contribute beyond R&D, particularly in early days
  • Genuine interest in K-12

Please include a brief note with your application explaining why this would be good mutual fit.

Benefits: Flexible schedule Paid time off COVID-19 considerations:

Education: Bachelor's (Preferred)

Experience: (Preferred) React: 5 years C#: 5 years Mobile applications: 5 years Game Development: 3 years

**** This position is equity only to start***

Fun1st Inc
The Future of Education
Size:  1-10 employees
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