Junior React Web (Game) Developer
Remote (Global)
Junior · Full time
Posted 10 months ago

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On the surface, LOCI has built a new breed of safety training systems that make people smarter and more aware of their surroundings. Behind the scenes, we’re on a mission to change the way people interact with information based on where they are. 

The brain is a super powerful spatial computer, and we’re applying our expertise in spatial web, autonomous networks and virtual world building to design ways for the brain to interface with place-based information in a naturalistic way. We’re liberating data from the second dimension and creating ways to gamify the world by turning any physical location into its own game generator. 

We’re geeked on neuroscience, behavioural psychology, infrastructure, digital identity, data flows, and gamification. We’re constantly thinking about how to influence behaviour through learning to help people be more aware of their surroundings and able to respond effectively in emergency situations. We care about accessibility, inclusion and representation because we believe every single person on earth deserves to be safe and have the opportunity to thrive.

We’re looking for someone who’s passion and curiosity intersect with ours, and who can join a small team (plays well with others) and grow with us (an excess of personal accountability). 

Our product team wants to build code that has a huge impact and makes the world go “WHOA.” There’s just a few of us right now which means major startup vibes where we’re working out the kinks and building the foundations as we go. We like to Get Sh*t Done, and we’re more interested in what gets done than what hours of the day you’re online. 

The right person to join our team will be focused, communicative and interested in requesting work that will help you grow — you won’t get stuck doing the thing you’re “good” at because we’re not big enough to hire specialists. 

If you’ve frequently got too many tabs open and they’re usually all tutorial videos, let’s talk ASAP.


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Please note: to keep things simple we only accept resumes through our website's JazzHR applicant portal.

Evolution of Safety
Size:  11-50 employees
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